Our Sad Duty

Letter dated July 23rd1987:

It is our sad duty to inform you of the demise of Red Rag. After many tribulations (but no trials), it finally faded from insignificance into non-existence sometime early this summer. Owing to the absence of any corpse, there will be no post-mortem.

The relieved collective met last night to wind up loose ends.

Despite a long tradition, Red Rag was not in debt (we think). So the collective decided to return a portion of subscribers recent money (if you find a cheque enclosed, this applies to you).

For those of you with standing orders, please cancel them immediately unless you wish to become an unrecognised subsidiser of the Co-op Bank.

After outstanding bills are paid, any money left over will be spent on a wake for any friends or relatives of the deceased. It will be sometime in the Autumn, probably the first weekend in October.

As complete an archive as possible is being assembled by James, so deluge him with any old copies, minutes or memorabilia... "Box 79" is to be recycled and the bank account closed.

There will of course still be collective meetings, the next one is on August the 5th, but we do promise that we will not produce any more issues of Red Rag.

On behalf of the collective,

Genghis and Diogenes


Moving to Spain

I've taken up a position with RavenPack, and so my 14 years at Ravenbrook come to an end. I'm sorry to be leaving, but I hadn't been able to generate anywhere enough income recently and something had to change. I've never worked anywhere for so long, and although the dips in available work sometimes made life very stressy I've also been very happy there. If you ever need someone to help you increase the value of the software industry to society, this is the place to look.

A job! Lisp! The lean times are over! This is all very exciting.

RavenPack are based in Marbella. We'd been wondering for some time whether we would ever get around to leaving Cambridge, and it turns out now that the answer is "yes". But it's all going to be very strange. My name badge might not be changing by very much, but there's no mistaking either consulting for full-time employment, or the Fens for the Costa del Sol.

We'll be staying somewhere temporary over the summer, and then when the tourists have gone home we'll find somewhere to live which has space for visitors. Enough said.

PS: leaving do probably Saturday July 12th

Was it any good?

In the June 2nd 1987 issue of Red Rag: Thatcher's second term draws to a close. So prepare for the "Festival Season", highpoint of which is the solstice bash at Stonehenge, as seen on TV. Or for National "Marking The Routes Day", when people all over the country will mark the routes of nuclear convoys. Help Reading Community Farm Project establish a city farm. Go watch films at the Hexagon, which boasts Dolby sound and Reading's biggest screen. Or maybe you could write a piece for the Rag?

No copy means no Red Rag, so it's up to you. There are lots of people who claim to work in a collective way, so it's startling that so few seem to apply this to their fortnightly Rag.


Wukix? I think this one's for you.

From: "Daniel" <miller.app.packs.services@gmail.com>
Subject: Planet Lisp
To: ndl@ravenbrook.com
Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 15:21:37 +0200

Hello Wukix, Inc.,

I would very much like to work with you on your app Planet Lisp.

Lots of developers have worked with me before on a wide range of
projects. Better rankings can be achieved for almost any app.

Trash The Claimants

In the May 19th 1987 issue of Red Rag: Not much news this time, but a vacancy for a Red Rag co-ordinator. How long can they keep this up? Bosses in Bracknell for example are refusing to touch the MSC's new "Job Training Scheme" with a bargepole, partly because they're no doubt afraid of catching something nasty off the town's 3000-strong mob of claimants; the Anti-Apartheid organises a National Sponsored Cycle Ride for Nelson Mandela's 69th birthday; the Conspiracy Tape hits the streets; and what are the chances of Mrs Thatcher not winning next month's general election? [cover]


CLAUDE (the Common Lisp Library Audience Expansion Toolkit) exports libraries written in Common Lisp, so that applications being developed in other languages can access them. CLAUDE co-operates with foreign runtimes in the management of CLOS objects, records, arrays and more primitive types. Lisp macros make the task of exporting a library simple and elegant; template documentation along with C headers and sample code files relieve some of the burden of explaining such exports to the application programmer.

CLAUDE-SETUP configures CLAUDE for your library.

Rapid Example

(defclass-external frob () ()) (defun-external (new-frob :result-type object) () (make-instance 'frob))

and then in Python...

>>> claude.Frob() <Claude Frob handle=0x200538b0> >>>

Take a Closer Look

Live and Direct

In the May 5th 1987 issue of Red Rag: the only independent telephone system in Britain other than British Telecom is in Hull, where the telephones are run by the local council; while BP lost 50,000 jobs, Hull has a policy of retraining employees displaced by new technology; it is cheaper to subscribe to than BT and far more efficient in its service. Radio 210 reports that local anarchists have prepared posters, leaflets and stickers as part of a "Don't Vote" campaign; but you should vote for the SDP-Liberal Alliance because David Owen wants power and if we help him, perhaps he will throw us a few crumbs once he has leapt into partnership with the Tories; and the Rag has a recurring inability to decide exactly what is or isn't folk music. [cover]

Worked To Death

In the April 21st 1987 issue of Red Rag: a spate of suicides hits defence trade computer experts in the Reading area; a new pressure group encourages councils to enforce the laws concerning estate agents boards advertising houses for sale; the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency has kept secret more than 250 reports of breakdowns at nuclear power stations; it takes twelve people to hold a riot, three for violent disorder, but only one for affray; along with Yuppies, Young Upwardly Mobile Persons and Dinkies, Dual Income No Kids there are now Yummies, the Young Upwardly Mobile Marxists; and Caversham has a plague of rhinoceroses. [cover]

I'm looking for work

I've been an enthusiastic Common Lisp implementor, developer and advocate for over 25 years, in particular with ten years at Harlequin and more recently as a consultant for Ravenbrook. I've worked with various lisps on a range of projects, from servers and GUI applications down to the LispWorks garbage collector. Most of the software I've written doesn't belong to me and so I can't publish it, but you'll find links to some of the libraries I've worked on here, along with a few papers that I've authored.

My full CV is here.

Working with Ravenbrook makes me part of a team. We're highly qualified mathematicians and computer scientists, we have a lot of lisp experience, and between us we can cover a lot of ground. So if what you need is (for instance) a temporary need for more weight on one of your projects, please come to us. If we can't help then we'll put you in touch with people who can.