enlivend (enlivend) wrote,

Our Sad Duty

Letter dated July 23rd1987:

It is our sad duty to inform you of the demise of Red Rag. After many tribulations (but no trials), it finally faded from insignificance into non-existence sometime early this summer. Owing to the absence of any corpse, there will be no post-mortem.

The relieved collective met last night to wind up loose ends.

Despite a long tradition, Red Rag was not in debt (we think). So the collective decided to return a portion of subscribers recent money (if you find a cheque enclosed, this applies to you).

For those of you with standing orders, please cancel them immediately unless you wish to become an unrecognised subsidiser of the Co-op Bank.

After outstanding bills are paid, any money left over will be spent on a wake for any friends or relatives of the deceased. It will be sometime in the Autumn, probably the first weekend in October.

As complete an archive as possible is being assembled by James, so deluge him with any old copies, minutes or memorabilia... "Box 79" is to be recycled and the bank account closed.

There will of course still be collective meetings, the next one is on August the 5th, but we do promise that we will not produce any more issues of Red Rag.

On behalf of the collective,

Genghis and Diogenes

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