enlivend (enlivend) wrote,

Moving to Spain

I've taken up a position with RavenPack, and so my 14 years at Ravenbrook come to an end. I'm sorry to be leaving, but I hadn't been able to generate anywhere enough income recently and something had to change. I've never worked anywhere for so long, and although the dips in available work sometimes made life very stressy I've also been very happy there. If you ever need someone to help you increase the value of the software industry to society, this is the place to look.

A job! Lisp! The lean times are over! This is all very exciting.

RavenPack are based in Marbella. We'd been wondering for some time whether we would ever get around to leaving Cambridge, and it turns out now that the answer is "yes". But it's all going to be very strange. My name badge might not be changing by very much, but there's no mistaking either consulting for full-time employment, or the Fens for the Costa del Sol.

We'll be staying somewhere temporary over the summer, and then when the tourists have gone home we'll find somewhere to live which has space for visitors. Enough said.

PS: leaving do probably Saturday July 12th

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