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Lisp Community Microphone

Vsevolod Dyomkin blogs about his video recordings of the recent ECLM: "the sound quality is not stellar, because, unfortunetely, there was a laying of the ground 50Hz signal on the mic's signal at the site. But judging from my experiences in organizing TEDxKyiv, sound is the usual point of failure at conferences, and it's pretty hard to get it right. Yet, I hope, that next meeting will have a more professional recording set up..."

If anyone is organising a lisp meeting (or any other, I'm not that fussed) and would like to borrow the Lisp Community Microphone, please get in touch. It's a Crown PCC 160, originally bought for recording ILC 2007. I also have an M-Audio USB preamp. The whole thing takes moments to set up and the sound quality is very good. From memory, it will pick up indistinct waffling from across the room, but without that 50Hz ground signal.
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