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Lisp - Back Inside the Box?

This was to have been the title of my invited talk to the European Lisp Symposium in May. Unfortunately the rubbish state of health which has forced me to abandon being an O'Reilly author also means that I can no longer guarantee being able to either write my talk or travel to Lisbon to deliver it. What I've penned here by way of substitution is necessarily abbreviated, but it'll have to do.

Happily, O'Reilly are interested in seeing the project continue. I had a very definite vision of where this book was going but I don't particularly expect anyone else to share it. I'm easy about what happens to my plans and to the words I've scribed. Use them as-is, raid them for useful bits, or bin them and start from scratch. You should expect this to be a lot of work (it took me over 600 hours to get one third of the book to first draft), for minuscule financial returns.

I'm truly sorry about all this, not just for myself (having spent the last two decades advocating Lisp I'm now looking at a change of lifestyle and a permanent back seat - something of a personal culture shock) but also for the Lisp community. I hope I haven't let you down too badly and that something positive comes from this turn of events. Please contact me for further details, but be understanding if my health means I take a little while to get back to you.
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